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Data extracted from standard medical textbooks.

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Create class, add students.


VROR is an idea rose from the classrooms of Business Development Lab programme. At KTH Royal Institute of Technology, students of multiple technology came together and created a novel economical approach for medical training undergone by medical students.


VROR as an approach enhances the learning experience of the students in a virtual environment. Why VR? VR gives the freedom to test, be creative & improvise your surgical practice. 

It is made out of mobile app, google cardboard, medical textbook and professor reviews. It is fun, elegant and ubiquitous platform teasing the centuries old medical crypts.

It is powered by sheer enthusiasm, commitment and determination of charismatic students of EIT entrepreneurial school.


The Reality check
In Augmented reality, the users will be in touch with the real world while interacting with virtual objects around them. In virtual reality, the user is isolated from the real world while immersed in a world that is completely fabricated. Similar to how headphones takes over what we hear, VR headsets takes over our vision.

Who we are
Virtual Reality Operation Room is a state-of-art teaching aid for medical students. We help students in experiencing surgical rooms in virtual environment at the comfort of their residence. It exposes surgical aspirants to a Virtual surgery setting, where they will learn about various surgical tools & equipments.

Our mission
At VirOR, our mission is to enable medical students and healthcare faculty to access various environments and learning from their mobile device.

Our vision

To expand our scope into surgical training, enabling users with hands on experience, and receive feedbacks with our gamification approach. Incorporate our solution to other domains like constructions, architecture, molecular science where visualising plays an enormous role.

Why Virtual Reality?

Of the current 3 generations, only one generation of people had underwent just the ‘classic white board’ classrooms. The medium of education is evolving.
eLearning has proved its effectiveness over the past decade. Research suggests that most of the population learn best kinaesthetically , meaning virtual reality is a great option and next step in this evolution. In VirOR , we aim to bring this immersive learning simple and affordable to all.

What to expect
A space-to-learn, desk-to-create, place-to-collaborate, virtual environment access and much more..

Our Product
We have developed virtual environment of an Operation Room, with support from lab experts. Users can download our mobile application to learn, contribute and network. With the web version, they can add notes, include contents in the virtual environments, which will be available in their customised VR screen.


What we need
As a startup, we would be interested to partner with collaborators, who like us, wants to transcend the way of education, beyond the current approach. Also, we are
looking forward to onboard game developers to have our autonomous content creation platforms.

About Us
Our Services
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Our Team



Anam Sarder, Master student of Digital Media Technology, specializing in Medical Imaging.

Besides research experience in Computer Vision, relevant multicultural background and an unbridled passion for well-being, Anam is also a photography enthusiast, traveler and motivator.

Ágoston Péter, Master student of Embedded Systems, specializing in Mobile Cyber Systems
His background evolves from Mechatronics and has undertook diverse internships at several agencies. He has an immense interest in cosmology, VR and also a sports fanatic.

Gokul Sreram, Master student of Digital Media Technology, specializing in Medical Imaging
His experience includes as a Software Engineer at Accenture Inc. for 3 years, developing GUI and DB applications for a multinational payment processing company. His passions strides through startups, imaging, healthcare & virtual reality.

Rana Salamat, Master student of Human Computer Interaction and Design
Her contributions matches as an UX/UI designer in numerous university projects. Previously, her work experience accounts as consultant in a reputed Insurance firm for 2 years. Her other interests includes painting, psychology and Internet-of-Things.

Shunmuga Priyan, Master student of Internet Technology and Architecture, specializing in IoT

He is an intern at SUP46, start-up people of Sweden. His ex-portfolios includes database analyst, business analyst and senior deployment assistant. His interests encompasses extended reality and web development.


Friends who deserve a special note of appreciation for their irreplicable support & time.
Dr. Mario Romero
Associate Professor,
Dept. of CST, KTH University
Shahrukh Sheikh
Founder & CEO,
Raj Kumar Mohanasundaram
Founder & CEO,
Connected Senses
Mikael Lenart

Facilitated by

KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
Stockholm, Sweden.
EIT Digital Master School,
Brussels, Belgium.

Our Teachers

Dr. Terrence Brown
Docent in Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship Dept.,
KTH University
Mr. Serdar Temiz
Teaching asst. in Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship Dept.,
KTH University


Our Address

EIT Digital Master School

Co Location Center, Electrum Building

Isafjordsgatan 26, 164 40 Kista

Ph: +46 76 40 19 759

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